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SECURITY MIRROR – This convex mirror is designed to eliminate blind spots in a vehicle, improving visibility and safety. The mirror improves visibility on existing garages and driveways.

– REFLECTS A CLEAR, BRIGHT IMAGE – The mirror reflects a clear, bright image that eliminates blind spots to prevent accidents, injuries and deter theft. Also be used to increase security around or in buildings.

– DURABLE AND SHATTERPROOF – Made of durable, lightweight and shatterproof PC plastic; With pillar mounting bracket for easy installation, allowing to adjust directions. Suitable for street corner, intersections, narrow roads, supermarket, garage parking lot driveway stores etc.

Available Convex Security Mirror:

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Security Mirror

The Security Mirror is a high-quality, convex mirror made of ACM that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Or adjustable to allow an optimal line of sight. Use in retail situations such as security by placing this mirror where goods are concealed from view by shelves or partitions allowing full visibility for customers or staff.

Endless benefits including Physical Safer working environment due to alerting workers to unsafe tasks; Improved customer service thanks to coverage areas missed by surveillance videos
Productivity increase through improved coordination between workers and reduced error rates which leads to fewer fatalities through on-the-job accidents.; Increased satisfaction with your work environment will lead to increased employee retention.

The Security Mirror is a less conspicuous solution to providing line of sight and safety for your workspace. Being able to see what’s going on behind you, in small places, or around corners allows for more peace of mind and security.- Available size: 24 inch / 32 inch / 39 inch- Convex Mirror can be used indoors or outdoors and can be adjusted to any angle with an optimal line of sight- As a retail security convex mirror it can be positioned wherever goods are concealed from view by shelves and partitions, around corners, aisles – The ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) back makes it an effective safety mirror for sheltered outdoor or light industrial safety situations such as factories hospitals playgrounds or any other situation where.

Parking Mirror Price in BD

Security Mirror Price in Bangladesh

At 24 inches, the Security Mirror provides a quintessential line of sight in regular rooms and closets. We offer sizes up to 39 inches! This mirror has an ACM back and is made out of tempered safety glass that can be adjusted to any angle for optimal viewing.

High-performance Aluminum Composite Material for improved strength.It is a convex mirror.Ideally it can be used at retail locations because of its special design that secures good view of concealed items on shelves and in partitions around the corners or aisles.The image reflection remains distortion free thanks to convexity mirrors which make it up from two concave mirrors with different focal points. It’s an all weather quality product which can maintain clean appearance unaffected by humidity or rain drops as well as withstand temperature extremes indoors or outdoors usage environment. The back being ACM reflects off objects such as signage -obscuring walls -vehicles approaching from behind where visual obstruction might exist.

Convex Security Curved Mirror

With a 150 degree viewing angle, the security mirror is perfect for scanning parking lots and entrances for patrons. The convex glass lens provides a professional view of anything in its path with high-quality clarity. Installed in just minutes, this product will add safety to your property and keep it safe from thieves by creating an invisible wall between you and the outside world.

Did you know that one-third of home invasions happen at the front door? That’s why we designed these extraordinary security mirrors to be a perfect fit for your entryway. The inoffensive and design-driven style will work seamlessly with any décor, and when it comes to being on the lookout for intruders, this product never sleeps.

This security mirror cleverly turns any reflective surface into a fully-functioning security system. If you’re concerned about your driveway, your office desk, the back of your closet door – this is for you!
A few features worth mentioning:
* Provides visual warning to would be burglars when people are home.
* Lets pets know they’ve been seen and tells them not to misbehave.
* Quick installation means no high installation costs or labor requirements from professionals outside the house like electricians or window installers. All tools necessary included with purchase.

Security Mirror Price

Security Mirror Price starts from 11,000 Taka to 21,000 Taka in Bangladesh Market.

High Quality Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors in Bangladesh

A steady hand in low-light or night environments is key for these mirrors. This specially designed convex mirror offers a wide, clear view that provides excellent visibility around your vehicle. Mirrors are curved not flat and the provision of multiple angles provides more choice to locate vehicles not keeping their distance at parking lot exits. These are high-quality products manufactured with a sturdy glass backed by an aluminum frame to prevent rusting or corroding while remaining lightweight and easy to install on any vehicle using one single screw driver!

The Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors are made from quality lenses that won’t scratch, and the mirror itself is completely round for extraordinary visibility. The convex shape will help monitor entry and exit, while still being able to be used inside or outside your car or other vehicle.

A parking convex shaped mirror is no ordinary product. It provides you with a true reflection without distortion, and so it becomes an excellent tool for all your work in the parking lot, as well as filming or photography endeavors. Because of how compact this mirror is, storage will also be a breeze.

Parking security convex curved mirrors are essential tools to have at hand while performing any task in the parking lot, whether from afar or up close. They ensure that you can get proper visibility to check every angle of your surroundings without having to adjust yourself too much from where you stand on the ground or are laying back looking through the windshield of your car alone!

Convex Curved Mirror Size

The mirror size is available so that you can purchase the perfect size for whatever space you are in. The options are: 24 inches, 32 inches, and 39 inches. These sizes matter because they make a big difference in what the mirror reflects back to you!

Used Materials:

This mirror will help with all the high quality needs you could possibly imagine. It is made of strong, molded fiber material, which you can be confident in.

Wide Angle View

The Convex Mirror Wide Angle View is the perfect addition to prevent accidents in parking lots and garages. Get a 130-degree wide angle view that makes parking maneuvers safer with this round, convex mirror!

Convex Mirror Strong Plastic Frame

Roadside safety has never been at such an affordable price. Just like one of our best-selling products, the Road Mirror is designed to make sure you’re seen out on the roads. This convex roadside mirror features a strong plastic frame for durability and visibility in bright light. The finish is also anti-reflective so you won’t be blinded by sun rays while driving. What are you waiting for?

Security Mirror Price in Bangladesh

No.Model & DetailsLatest Price
1Convex Mirror 24 inch11,000
2Convex Mirror 32 inch17,500
3Convex Mirror 39 inch21,000

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    The Convex Mirror Wide Angle View is the perfect addition to prevent accidents in parking lots and garages. Get a 130-degree wide angle view that makes parking maneuvers safer with this round, convex mirror!

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Security Mirror

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