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CCTV Camera Package

Have you ever thought “I wish there was a place to find the best CCTV Camera Package Install & Supply in Bangladesh”? If yes, then “NABIHA INFOTECH” is the right one for you. This website is devoted to store and provide the best CCTV Camera Package Install & Supply in Bangladesh.

To improve your security, you can install surveillance cameras at the places where you might need them. The best way to install a security camera is to pay attention to what you are doing. On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable about your surroundings, you can just take a tough decision to install the security camera which would keep you safe.

A CCTV Camera Package is a complete system that uses CCTV Camera, Monitor, Digital Recorder, and Video Door Phone. A CCTV Camera Package is a video surveillance system that is used to provide surveillance at any location. CCTV Camera Packages are used for homes, offices, buildings, schools, banks, industries, hotels, malls, restaurants, shops, and many more commercial and residential purposes. CCTV Camera Packages are used to monitor your office, home, store, or factory for the protection of property and people.

CCTV Camera Package for your home or office

Let’s say you want to buy CCTV Camera Package, is there any bestseller or best Paquete in Bangladesh? I think you are asking about the one that is the best seller and has the best price. I think you are looking for the one that has the best quality with the guarantee. So I have come up with the most important and best CCTV camera package that you can surely buy from Nabiha IT.

For security purposes, one must have a CCTV camera installed in your home or place of work. This is one of the best ways of keeping an eye on people and property without the need of subscribing to a security service. While you can purchase basic CCTV cameras in the market, the quality of the image and video is not up to the mark. When choosing the best CCTV camera for your home or office, the quality of the images and video output is very important. Even though the price range of CCTV cameras is not high, it is important to get the best CCTV camera for your home or office. you can buy Dahua, Hikvision or Jovision CCTV Camera package for your home or Office.

Get fast and reliable service in Bangladesh

The history of security cameras go back to the 1950s when the first observation camera was used to monitor the air defense systems and for security. Today, the security camera is being used for more than just monitoring, it has become a vital tool for every organization, in addition to being used for providing valuable imagery.

Name any country you want and the chances are you’ll find someone in that country who runs a website that offers CCTV Camera service. In Bangladesh, CCTV Camera technology is fairly new and most of the popular brands are imported from China. In the past, we used to depend on cables to connect our CCTV cameras from the transmitter to the recorder. Nowadays, however, wireless technology has made the experience easier and more reliable.

Nabiha Infotech is the most reliable & Fast CCTV Camera Service Provider in Bangladesh.

CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh

We are offering CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh at the most competitive price. We can deliver the CCTV Camera Package within a day from the order date.

Almost everyone has heard about CCTV Camera Surveillance System. These days, more and more people are looking for CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh. CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh are being offered by different manufactures from different countries. CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh is standard design that has 3 camera lenses mounted in a single housing.

Nowadays, CCTV camera in Bangladesh is becoming a necessity for any political, security, or monitoring work. CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh

We provide the following CCTV Cameras in Bangladesh:

  • CCTV Camera 4ch
  • CCTV Camera 8ch
  • DVR 8ch
  • DVR 16ch
  • DVR 32ch

CCTV Camera Package Price in Bangladesh

Latest CCTV Camera PackageLatest Price
Dahua 4 CCTV Camera Package – 4CCTV+4CH DVR+500GB HDD+Adapter+BNC+30 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)12,999.00
Hikvision 4 CCTV Camera Package – 4CCTV+4CH DVR+500GB HDD+Adapter+BNC+30 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)13,999.00
Jovision 4 CCTV Camera Package – 4CCTV+4CH DVR+500GB HDD+Adapter+BNC+30 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)13,999.00
Avtech 4 CCTV Camera Package – 4CCTV+4CH DVR+500GB HDD+Adapter+BNC+30 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)22,999.00
Dahua 8 CCTV Camera Package – 8CCTV+8CH DVR+1TB HDD+Adapter+BNC+50 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)26,999.00
Hikvision 8 CCTV Camera Package – 8CCTV+8CH DVR+1TB HDD+Adapter+BNC+50 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)27,999.00
Jovision 8 CCTV Camera Package – 8CCTV+8CH DVR+1TB HDD+Adapter+BNC+50 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)27,999.00
Avtech 8 CCTV Camera Package – 8CCTV+8CH DVR+1TB HDD+Adapter+BNC+50 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)49,999.00
Jovision 4MP 8 CCTV Camera Package – 8CCTV+8CH DVR+2TB HDD+Adapter+BNC+50 Meter CAT6 Cable+Installation (Without Monitor)45,000.00

CCTV Camera Package Install & Supply in Bangladesh

The steps for doing a CCTV camera installation are totally different from getting a CCTV camera installed. Here are some steps which you need to follow before going for the CCTV installation. 1. Prepare CCTV Camera: Before doing the installation on the CCTV camera you need to prepare the device. You need to understand the specifications and the kind of CCTV camera you want to install. From there, you need to get the proper supply of CCTV cameras. 2. Shop for CCTV Camera: After choosing the CCTV camera you need for the CCTV installation, you need to shop for the CCTV camera. You need to check the prices and other details. 3. Installation of CCTV camera: Once you know about the CCTV camera you need for the installation then you need to go to the Installation steps. Contact Nabiha Infotech for Setup & Install CCTV Camera Package

In Bangladesh, there is a great demand of CCTV camera package due to the rise of crime in the country. But the problem is that the local authorities are unable to install the packages in the required areas due to the poor infrastructure of the country. This creates a huge opportunity for the private sector to address this problem and provide the required packages.

Wide selection of CCTV cameras to choose from

CCTV cameras and security systems are used to protect your privacy and property, especially on your property, and to protect the safety and security of your loved ones and yourself. So, wide selection of CCTV cameras is needed to make life comfortable and safe for you and your family.

With so many different types of video surveillance systems to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the best option for your needs. We are here to help you for choosing the Best CCTV Camera in Bangladesh.

Day/Night CCTV Camera

Day/Night CCTV cameras are quite a common thing nowadays. As they are installed in the place where the people always stay during the day and leave the place without any fear at night, Day/Night CCTV cameras have become essential security devices in our daily life. Day/Night CCTV camera is an electronic device, which has two different types of sensors – IR and Day/Night IR sensors or Day/ Night TV cameras. Both of these types of sensors sense the light, temperature or day/night and record the video automatically.

HD CCTV Camera

The HD video from CCTV cameras is the best and latest technology for security and the best quality of video inspection is available is CCTV cameras. But the question is: how much does the quality of video CCTV cameras does really matter?

H.D. or High Definition CCTV is a new category of cameras that delivers high-resolution video at a very reasonable price. As a result, these cameras are making their way into more and more locations, including home and business owners’ bedrooms, which have been traditionally the domain of security systems. These HD cameras have become so popular that they can be found in many areas that are traditionally only the domain of security cameras.

Wireless CCTV Camera

The wireless CCTV camera is a product that connects to your existing security system and provides real-time video to an external monitor or PC. This CCTV camera utilizes the network to transmit the video signal – there is no need for any wiring. This secure system can be installed in a place where the wireless signal is strong enough to transmit the video signal without any interference from other wireless sources.  The CCTV camera can be connected to a monitor, PC or TV via a USB cable, simple and easy to set up.  Most of the CCTV camera models are equipped with a recording function and a motion detection function.

A wireless CCTV camera is always a subject of curiosity. Why? Because the majority of the time, a wireless CCTV camera is the only solution when you want to place the camera at a distance from the actual monitoring point. But the technology is not that simple. There are different kinds of wireless cameras, different protocols, different transmission speeds, different prices, and different functions to choose from.

Bullet CCTV Camera

You may have heard about Bullet CCTV camera, which is a new type of digital video recorder designed to offer higher video quality than traditional DVRs. This is why it is called Bullet CCTV camera, because it shoots bullets in the air, while the camera captures the bullets in the sky.

Dome CCTV Camera

There are two kinds of Dome CCTV Cameras. The first one is installed in a security room, the second one is installed in an environment, where it is important to capture what is happening in 3D. The first one can be installed into the ceiling, the second one can be installed into your home.

As the next generation of the dome indoor camera, we provide you with an ideal indoor camera solution to security protection. We have a large range of high quality cameras with a long lifespan and a wide angle view. We make sure that we provide you with the best quality dome cameras.

Special Camera

Let’s face it, not everyone has extra cash to spend on a fancy camera (unless you have a rich friend, or you work in the media industry). This is why companies are developing special cameras that can be used in various security settings for little money. Today, we are looking at a unique camera that is designed to monitor traffic; it has a lot of features that you won’t find in a typical video camera.

When a company (like a retailer or a telecoms provider) wants to do a lot of monitoring of a customer’s activities, they need to do so with the minimum amount of intrusion. And they do that by using intelligent camera systems to capture video footage of that customer, and then analyse that footage in the background.

Why do you need to upgrade your CCTV system?

Everyone wants to give their home a little bit of extra security. Whether it’s because you want to feel safer or you want to protect your property, a CCTV camera can help. But when you see the cost, there can be a reluctance in changing.

CCTV cameras are commonly used in many different ways. They are installed on shopping malls, office buildings, and even homes. CCTV cameras are also used in businesses like banks, hotels, airports, and museums. They are also used on the streets to monitor people. Some CCTV cameras are installed in the walls and on the ceilings of the buildings, while others are placed on arms and poles. The cameras are used for security purposes, recording evidence, and monitoring.


CCTV Camera Package Price in Bangladesh?

CCTV Camera Package Price starts from 9,999 taka. Standard CCTV Camera Package of 4 CCTV Camera is 19,999 taka.

Dahua CCTV Camera Package Price in Bangladesh?

The price of Dahua CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh is from BDT 12,000 to BDT 90,000, of course, the quality of the CCTV Camera Package depends on the price.

CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh?

Security Camera in Bangladesh is a must-have item for every home, office, and buildings. Buy a Security Camera package in Bangladesh at the best price from NABIHA INFOTECH.

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