• Hundure RAC-960PEF Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Controller

    • Brand: Hundure
    • Model: RAC-960PEF
    • Display: 128 x 64 Dot. Graphic Display with backlight.
    • Fingerprint Capacity: 950 user capacity. ( 2 templates per user Finger)
    • Card Capacity: 40,000 (max).
    • Log Capacity: 100,000.
    • Authentication Type: Fingerprint+Card+Password
    • Communication Interface: Built-in RS-485 & TCP/IP
    • Origin: Taiwan
    • Warranty: One Year

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    ৳ 26,500.00
  • Hundure RAC-960PE Access Control & Time Attendance

    • Bell key design. Suit for various location.
    • Casing tamper proof detection and door tampers alarm.
    • Support swipe card and swipe card with pin codes enter modes.
    • The memory of the standard model is 40,000 cardholders (max) and 100,000 events.
    • Unique ID or Block read format supported. (RAC-960PM V2.0)
    • Slim, stylish design with waterproof sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
    • Conforms to ISO 14443A standard; supporting Mifare card. (RAC-960PM V2.0)

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    ৳ 16,500.00
  • Hundure HTA-830 DIY Time & Attendance Recorder


    Hundure HTA-830 Bangladesh

    • 16 Duty Timetable.
    • 32 sets siren output.
    • Memory full warning.
    • Suitable for chains and enterprises.
    • Built-in TCP/IP communication interface to PC.
    • Watchdog function ensures device free from halting.
    • At least 60 days data storage in case of power outage.
    • Cope with seasonal time change – daylight saving control.
    • Simple, reliable & easily installed, first time set up in 3 minutes.
    • Follows your usual practice – auto or manual clock in / clock out.
    • Invalid & re-swiped cards off-the-record saves memory capacity.
    • Auto scheduling for data collection, time synchronization, valid card download.
    • RTC (Real Time Clock) ensures accurate time regardless of power outage.
    • Dynamic control of memory up to 8000 cardholders (max), 8200 transaction data.
    • Visual LED for display of time, card number, communication mode, swiped card indication.


    ৳ 14,500.00
  • Hundure HTA-860 Time Attendance

    Hundure HTA-860 Bangladesh

    • Watchdog function secures system free from halting.
    • Slim, stylish design, sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
    • 32 siren schedules enabled for shift change and disabled for holiday.
    • The memory of the standard model is 15,000 cardholders and 150,000 events.
    • Another model with 300,000 events storage is available for optional purchase.
    • Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value. (HTA-860PM)
    • Extra parallel printer port and LED display for real time data output and examination.
    • Provide RS-485 & TCP / IP communication interface to PC.
    • Support simple access control function and function keys of shifts which convenient to personnel to generate time attendance reports.
    • LCD display time, date, weekday and company name. And show cardholder Chinese/English name, card number and shift schedules after card swiped.
    • Able view the duty work records on the screen and write the records back to the card . (HTA-860PM)
    • Memory buffer full warning. When memory capacity reaches 90%, it will send an alarm to remind the system administrator for data collection. System halts card data storage as memory capacity reaches 100%.
    • On-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 1 year upon power outage.
    ৳ 18,000.00
  • Hundure HTA-500PEF Fingerprint Time & Attendance Recorderre

    Hundure HTA-500PEF  Bangladesh

    • 2.8″ color LCD display; Fingerprint time attendance recorder with EM reader module built-in
    • Provides simple access control function.
    • Supports 1,500 users with 2 fingerprint templates for each person (total 3,000 fingerprint templates )
    • Provides 3,000 cardholders and 100,000 events
    • Events can be retained for more than 10 years in case of power failure
    • Built-in voice prompt function, easy to operate
    • Supports setting function of daylight saving time (DST)
    • Built-in USB-host interface to import/export data through USB flash drive
    • Built-in USB-slave interface for connecting PC to upload/download
    • Built-in one relay to connect an external door lock.
    • The device ACU-30 (with 2 relays) is optional for connecting an external lock and siren
    • Provides function keys to set shift change automatically


    ৳ 17,500.00
  • Hundure PXR-52 EM Slab Reader

    Hundure PXR-52 Bangladesh

    • Support 125 KHz-EM card
    • Reading distances are around 8~10 cm
    • Case sensor detection function
    • Watchdog function secures system free from halting
    • Special model to provide both T2 and Wiegand interface, it allows customer to use more flexible.
    • Keypad function. When work with controller, it provides swipe card, press card number by keypads or card with password to access.(PXR-52ETWK)
    • Rubber keypads material with waterproof design.(PXR-52ETWK)
    • Wide operation temperature range, it can be install in different arctic or tropical regions.
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Hundure Time Attendance & Access Control is a leading provider of attendance and access control solutions for organizations worldwide. Hundure will change your life! You’ll never have to worry about being late again because you can control all of the access points for any building through Hundure.

HUNDURE Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is a trusted brand for physical access control systems with more than 10 years of experience behind them. They provide customers with professional one stop shop service, as well as products such as RFID devices to keep track on resource usage time and attendance recorder that allows employers the ability to have real-time data available at any given moment so they can make better decisions about their assets, especially when it comes to employee labor costs!

Hundure RAC-960PEF Bangladesh, Hundure RAC-960PEF Price in Bangladesh

Hundure RAC-960 PE Price in Bangladesh

Hundure RAC-960 PE Price in Bangladesh

Hundure HTA-830

Hundure HTA-830

Hundure Time Attendance & Access Control

Hundure Time Attendance & Access Control is a good product. Hundure Time Attendance & Access Control is a system that allows you to track people who enter and exit certain locations, such as your building or parking lot. Hundure Time Attendance & Access Control (HTAAC) is a new and innovative way of tracking the time employees have worked. This system ensures that your company is well-organized and free from any kind of problems. A great way to save time is through employee monitoring. That’s why I recommend using a Time Attendance and Access Control solution.

Hundure HTA-500PEF Bangladesh

Hundure HTA-500PEF Bangladesh

Hundure Fingerprint Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Hundure Latest Price List 2021
No.DescriptionLatest Price
1RAC-960PEF (Fingerprint)23,500.00
2RAC-960PE (RFID)14,500.00
3RTA600 (RFID)14,500.00
4RAC900 (RFID)14,500.00
5HTA-500PEF (Fingerprint)16,500.00
6HTA-830 (RFID)12,500.00

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