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We are the best supplier of IP Camera & CCTV Camera in Bangladesh. We supply most of the major brands of IP Camera & CCTV Camera. We have more than 12 years professional experience in this field. We are the authorized dealer of the most popular brands of Security camera such as Dahua, Hikvision, Jovision, Avtech, Campro, TVT, Uniview, CP Plus, and we are also the distributor of the best brands of PA System, PABX, Access Control & Time Attendance.

IP and CCTV cameras are the best options if you’re looking to invest in security systems or safety surveillance. It is difficult to trust anyone in this world. To ensure safety and security, we must keep an eye on what is valuable or hard-earned. This was not possible a few years ago. Modern technology has made it possible. There isn’t much that’s not available. IP and CCTV cameras are two of the most advanced examples. This allows you to virtually keep an eye on any person or thing 24/7.

The IP camera or CCTV camera is a kind of network camera, and it can be used in many locations, such as the home, office, supermarket, restaurant, factory etc. The IP camera is easy to install and it can be connected to the Internet instantly. It is best for those who need to monitor their home, office, shop, warehouse etc.

These devices can be used in many ways. These can be used to protect private property, bank vaults, or entrances, as well as for monitoring valuables and investigating crimes. Live streaming is also available, which allows you to broadcast directly from anywhere.

When investing in any type of electronic, price is an important factor. You can learn more about CCTV or IP cameras and their prices on the Nabiha Infotech website. It’s important to know what you are getting for your money. To help you understand, we also have detailed descriptions and model descriptions on our website nabihait.com. You can find the price of an IP or CCTV camera in Bangladesh and details about different models on Nabiha IT’s website. Since long, we have been importing high quality products. We have a solid track record and are proud to say that we have achieved a lot of customer satisfaction.

IP cameras are mainly the digital cameras that come with an IP connection and are connected to the internet. These cameras are widely used to monitor the entire house and office. They are also used in schools, banks, malls and other places where security is important.

It can be difficult to find the right security camera for you, especially if you are not an expert in this field. This article will provide information about the different types of CCTV cameras in Bangladesh and IP cameras in Bangladesh. Nabiha Infotech, a trusted and well-respected electronic dealer in Bangladesh, has been in the field for many years. The experts at Security devices can offer independent advice to help choose the right one. We offer some of the most competitive prices on IP and CCTV cameras in BD.

CCTV Camera Bangladesh

Nabiha Infotech is a leading CCTV camera supplier & CCTV camera installation services provider in Bangladesh. We are also a CCTV camera wholesaler & IP camera wholesaler in Bangladesh. We are a CCTV camera dealer and distributor in Bangladesh. We are a CCTV camera Dealer, supplier & importer in Bangladesh and serving with many CCTV camera brands. Now you can buy CCTV Camera in Bangladesh at best price.

Advantages of CCTV Camera & IP Camera in BD

Security for both businesses and the public has been made easier by video surveillance. Security cameras are essential in today’s world. These cameras are essential for protecting the public, government, business, homes, and businesses from thefts and other criminal activities.

Many people are confused over the difference between CCTV camera and IP camera. There is a saying that “Why do you look for a needle in a haystack?” This is because the common question is “What do these two cameras do?” So, what are the differences? CCTV camera is a traditional type of CCTV camera. CCTV camera can be used to view area in front of it and it works on spectrum which is high-frequency. A higher frequency of spectrum means higher resolution. On the contrary, IP camera is a camera that uses internet connection; thus, it can work anywhere and anytime. IP camera has a better resolution than CCTV camera.

Disadvantages of IP Camera & CCTV Camera

There are many advantages of having CCTV cameras in a business, but sometimes they are also a disadvantage. The main disadvantage of IP cameras and CCTV cameras is the size of the cameras, and the fact that they are hard to install. It is a reality that every citizen must have his own security system so that he can have his privacy and property.

Types of Security Camera

Security cameras have evolved to include many features and specifications due to the rapid advancement of technology. When shopping for a security cam, there are two main types.

  • Internet Protocol camera/IP camera
  • CCTV camera

Nabiha Infotech stocks both types of quality pieces. Each piece works in its own way. Each type has its own set of features and limitations. The difference in price between IP camera prices in Bangladesh and CCTV cameras in Bangladesh is very important when shopping for these products. These cameras can be used for different purposes, but they are very similar. Budget CCTV cameras in Bangladesh don’t necessarily mean that one must compromise on quality. The same applies to IP camera prices in Bangladesh. We offer a wide range of quality products to suit almost any budget.

Security is an important part of living in today’s world. Everywhere you look, you see signs of safety and security. Cars have security features like remote keys, child locks and windows that lock automatically. The door locks on your home and your car will be much more secure if you install a security camera.

Smaller than traditional security cameras, these cameras are used in many applications and are also called point cameras. Examples of these include security surveillance systems, digital signage, mobile phone security, and baby monitors.

IP Cameras

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras are in high demand these days because of its ability to capture both still and motion pictures at a high rate of speed. Nowadays, everyone seems to be using them, especially in the home for security purposes. There are different types of IP cameras available in the market, like the Nabiha Infotech IP CCTV Cameras, which are highly effective and reliable. They are compact and very easy to install.

IP cameras are small devices that can be connected to the Internet to allow an end-user to view real-time video from a remote location. They are mostly used in IP surveillance for security purposes, but they can also be used for monitoring to record and analyze videos or images. There are many advantages to having IP cameras in place. For instance, they can be used to give a business owner or business user a good view of their shop. Additionally, they can be used to monitor the area for criminal activity and to detect items that are missing. Furthermore, it is possible to view or record on the devices whenever they are connected to the Internet.

CCTV Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a staple of most large buildings and private homes. They are great tools for security, but are not without their drawbacks. While they are great at detecting and deterring crime, they are not as good at deterring accidents, allowing intruders to break in or mischievous children to play pranks. They are also not as good at providing clear pictures of your house, which can lead to false alarms or missing valuable details.

Cameras are a ubiquitous part of our daily life, but they can also be used to prevent crime. The use of CCTV can be traced back to the 1970s, when several manufacturers started producing video cameras for industrial use. The use of CCTV was enhanced during the 1980s when the devices were used to monitor certain areas of airports. The years following the September 11 attacks saw CCTV take a major role in protecting airports from terrorist attacks, and today there are CCTV cameras at major bus stations, train stations, stadiums, hospitals, and restaurants.

Wireless IP Cameras in Bangladesh

Wireless IP Camera is a new technology that can be used in many applications such as retail security, home surveillance, access control, entertainment, education etc.

Wireless IP camera, or Wicam, is a camera that can be used over a wireless network. This camera is somewhere between a CCTV camera and a network camera, since it can be connected to a network and used as a CCTV camera, but it also has the functions of network cameras. The main advantage of Wicam is that it can be used over any network, not just the local area network (LAN). It can be used over a wide range of networks, from a wireless network to the Internet to a VoIP network. This means Wireless camera can be used for many different purposes.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

The wireless CCTV camera has become the preferred method for home security use, especially in the residential sector. The wireless CCTV camera is capable of delivering high-quality videos and pictures. The main reason for this is the fact that it is not linked to any fixed location. It is an advanced technology that delivers security at an affordable price and this is what it makes it a great choice for security agencies, and even for homes.

Corporations and individuals are increasingly interested in using CCTV cameras in their day-to-day activities. There are many on line retail stores that offer to install and set up CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are usually installed in public places, and are to provide day and night surveillance of such locations, or they may be used as a security system. Public places such as airports, shopping centers, railway stations, restaurants, or banks can heavily benefit from CCTV camera surveillance.

Pan Tilt IP Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom is a camera technology that combines a 360-degree rotation with a rotatable camera head. This technology is most commonly used to create a 360 degree view from a fixed camera and when combined with a tiltable camera head, allows the camera to have a constantly moving view.

Pan Tilt Zoom video cameras are the most popular type of surveillance cameras in the world. They are an excellent way to monitor your home or office, and they are an essential tool for security.

Wireless PTZ IP Camera Supplier in Bangladesh

This Wireless PTZ IP Camera by Nabiha Infotech is a high quality and cost-effective security solution for your home or office. Its compact design and multiple features make it ideal for a variety of security needs. The PTZ camera can be easily installed and positioned quickly, making for a hassle-free and efficient system.

The Nabiha IP Camera is a high-resolution digital video camera with advanced H.264 video compression and real-time motion JPEG or MJPEG video streaming. Web interface allows you to connect the IP Camera to your home network and view live video over the Internet. The IP Camera is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Comparison of IP Camera and CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

The main difference between CCTV and IP cameras is that IP cameras work within your LAN network. It can either be wired or wireless. The CCTV camera connects to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system. There are many ways that IP and CCTV cameras differ. Let’s sum it all.

  • An Ethernet cable is used to transmit IP camera’s signal to NVR. A coax cable is used by CCTV camera and requires a BNC connector to connect to DVR/monitor to view images. The simple explanation is that IP camera is digital while CCTV camera is analog.
  • An IP camera produces better quality video than a CCTV camera.
  • Mobile applications cannot connect to CCTV cameras, but IP cameras can be connected anywhere with an IP address.
  • Although IP cameras are able to record on any computer/workstation, the user will need special hardware (PCI Cards) in order to record the video from a normal PC/workstation.
  • All IP cameras can be viewed online from any location in the world. However, only a few DVRs have this online view.
  • No wiring is required for IP cameras. However, CCTV cameras require professional assistance and tools to install.
  • Two-way audio is available on IP cameras. Although IP cameras allow users to talk and listen to each other via the camera, most CCTV cameras don’t have audio. It can only record videos.
  • While IP cameras can move 360 degrees electronically, CCTV cameras can only be moved manually.
  • The usual IP camera offers more functions than the CCTV cameras.

There is a price difference in Bangladesh between CCTV and IP cameras. Depending on the advanced features of an IP camera, the price of a CCTV camera in Bangladesh may be slightly higher than that of a CCTV camera. However, the price of a CCTV camera in Bangladesh is typically higher than normal IP cameras due to the extra cost of installing equipment.

Price of CCTV cameras in Bangladesh

A CCTV camera is a closed-circuit television system. The circuit that transmits video is a closed circuit. It includes equipment such as camera, recorder, cables, and monitor. Security camera systems are common uses for CCTV cameras from Bangladesh and around the globe. You will be pleased to learn that Nabiha Infotech has many collections that fit any budget. It was widely used in large retail shops, banks and jewelers, as well as government institutions, traffic points, until the introduction of IP cameras. CCTV is completely closed so it is virtually impossible to breach its security system. One can also control it from anywhere. A CCTV camera is usually a solid unit. One installation can give you years of service.

It is common to not know the price of a CCTV camera in Bangladesh or where it can be purchased. You can find what you need here. Price of CCTV cameras in Bangladesh Look no further if you are looking for a reliable dealer or an honest seller.  Nabiha Infotech has both. We can provide you with any type of CCTV camera that you need at a fair price. Price of CCTV cameras in Bangladesh.

While IP cameras have taken over the market, CCTV cameras can still be used in areas where users want to maintain complete control over their security system. The price of a CCTV camera in Bangladesh may differ depending on whether it is installed with cables or trenching. We offer some of the most affordable CCTV camera price in Bangladesh.

IP camera price in Bangladesh

In recent years, IP cameras have overtaken security cameras. It makes sense, right? Its small size and many options are sure to be very useful, which can grab users’ attention. These are also more affordable than comparable products. Price of CCTV cameras in BD. You can find them here. It can be difficult to find the right one in Bangladesh. You don’t know where or what it will cost? This is the place for you. Nabiha Infotech can give you a few details about the IP camera Price in Bangladesh. You can also find details about models, features and specifications. You would have a complete picture of where you are going to be spending your money. There are many models and brands of IP cameras. We offer a wide range of IP and CCTV cameras at affordable prices in BD. You can also find out whether the application is indoors or outdoors.

Fixed price for IP cameras in Bangladesh

A fixed IP camera is an excellent choice for small spaces. These cameras can be fixed to any position. It is easy to see the visible video in this area. This camera can work in all lighting conditions and features a variety of models. You can choose from models with features such as remote zoom, wide angle, autofocus, advanced colors lights, mechanical IR cut filters for low light, and even remote zoom lenses. Fixed cameras can also be purchased in dome models. The dome houses the camera. This setup provides discreet and discrete surveillance.

Fixed IP cameras require little maintenance and are easy to set up. This is a great choice for small, specific video security systems. Fixed system provides clearer videos with greater detail. Fixed price IP cameras in Bangladesh are just as common as other models. If you’re looking to secure a small area, this is a good choice.

Price of wireless IP cameras in Bangladesh

Wireless IP cameras are the most versatile type of IP camera. It doesn’t require wires to be installed so it can be moved wherever security is required. This feature will give every model of IP camera many advantages. You don’t need to run wires to connect it. Most of them can be fixed using an antenna. They send and receive data via a computer network, internet or other means.

Wireless IP cameras are suitable for both residential and professional security. It is easy to install, so it is great for temporary security. It can also be used for surveillance and spying.

Wi-Fi-based broadband services are used most often by wireless IP cameras. It can be used for public surveillance systems such as street traffic points and local areas. Wireless IP cameras prices in Bangladesh are not expensive. It does not require trenching, fixed monitors or cables for installation. For any type of video security system, wireless IP cameras are a smart investment.

Price of indoor IP cameras in Bangladesh

Indoor IP cameras are another useful type of IP camera with few uses. These cameras are mainly used in retail, home and super-shop environments. Although it might sound like a workplace security solution, the IP camera price is decreasing in BD. Technology advances have also made video surveillance systems less expensive. This means that indoor areas such as residential areas and residences can now use them. Home security systems that can be accessed from any computer or TV from anywhere.

An outside security system might make it less likely that criminals would try to break into your home. It will save you from any possible damage. You can use it to locate fugitives or to recover stolen goods. For detecting faces, a good quality camera is necessary. You can monitor your children, elderly relatives and pets. This can be used to monitor private property. These are a great investment for indoor or home securities.

Price of outdoor IP cameras in Bangladesh

Most outdoor camera models are sturdy. They are designed to withstand outdoor usage. These cameras are often housed in a case to prevent easy removal. Most outdoor specialized IP camera models come with a weatherproof cover to protect them from water, dust, and wind. Many models are also equipped with night and day functionality. The price of an IP camera in Bangladesh that is used outdoors might be different from those used indoors. These can be arranged by Nabiha Infotech at reasonable rates.

IR night vision IP camera price in Bangladesh

We rely on security cameras all day, every day. For obvious reasons, recording videos in the daytime is more efficient than at night. IR night vision IP cameras are able to record videos even in total darkness and low light using near infrared light. This light is invisible to the human eye. Many IP cameras include IR illuminators. This increases camera’s night video quality, producing black-and-white videos at night and full-color videos during the day.

PTZ IP camera prices in BD

PTZ pan/tilt/zoom are some of the obvious benefits of IP cameras. PTZ IP cameras offer a variety of security benefits. You can also get it in dome versions. It is an important part of large-scale and middle-sized video surveillance systems. This allows you to create hundreds of presets, and then arrange them in a particular order. This is a common use in large-area surveillance systems. These devices are often used in large shops and big jewelers. These dome PTZ models have a larger size than the traditional model and are equipped with powerful zoom lenses. These cameras are more powerful than any other IP cameras and have more functions. The majority of PTZ cameras come in heavy-duty metal housings that ensure long-lasting durability. It is highly recommended for high-profile video security systems because of its versatile features.

Security cameras offer extra security when it comes to protecting your valuables. NABIHA INFOTECH has been providing this convenience for a long time. For your convenience, we have a large collection. If you’re interested in purchasing CCTV or IP cameras at an affordable price, visit our website. Or, come to our office in Uttara, Dhaka. We’d be happy to assist you in choosing the best one at a reasonable price.

Best IP Camera in Bangladesh

  • Hikvision DS-2CD1223G0E-I (Bullet, 2.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof)
  • Hikviosion DS-2CD1323G0E-I (Dome, 2.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof)
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2T43G0-I5 (Bullet, 4.0 Megapixel, 50M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof, MicroSD Slot)
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2043G0-I (Bullet, 4.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof, MicroSD Slot)
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2143G0-I (Dome, 4.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof, MicroSD Slot)
  • Dahua HFW2431-SP-S (Bullet, 4.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof, MicroSD Slot)
  • Dahua DH-IPC-B1B20P (Bullet, 2.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof)
  • Dahua DH-IPC-T1B20-L (Dome, 2.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof)
  • Dahua DH-IPC-B1B40 (Bullet, 4.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof)
  • Dahua DH-IPC-T1B40 (Dome, 4.0 Megapixel, 30M IR, Night Vision, Waterproof)

Best CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

  • Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRP/F
  • Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IRP/F
  • Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT3F / IT5F

CCTV Camera Service Provider in Dhaka

Nabiha Infotech is one of the leading CCTV Camera Service Provider in Dhaka that provide IP Camera & CCTV Camera Installation Service in Dhaka. We have a team of expert technicians and engineers who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide best CCTV Camera Installation Service in Dhaka. We have a separate team of CCTV Camera Service who are dedicated to provide the service of CCTV Camera in Dhaka. We provide different types of CCTV Camera such as Analog CCTV Camera, Network CCTV Camera, HD CCTV Camera, Bullet Camera, Dome Camera, PTZ Camera.

CCTV Camera and Ip Camera Installation Services

CCTV cameras are going to be a huge part of the future. You can already see them in many stores and on many websites. They might not be useful yet, but they are going to be everywhere in the future. With that in mind, of course you will need to have a way to use them. This means getting one the right way. Nabiha Infotech is a leading CCTV camera Installation Service Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

When it comes to the security of your home, no one should be left out of the conversation. But you’re probably used to thinking about security in the traditional sense. You might think about protecting your house, your family, and your valuables. You might also think about your car and your property. But you might not think about your home and your security system as being equally important. You might also not think about your home and its security system as being equally important.

CCTV Installation: Make It Easy On Yourself

With the help of this blog, you can select the services of the CCTV installation company in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet…etc. and take the service of CCTV installation in Bangladesh while saving your time and money. Select your favorite pack and enjoy the service.

Attach a monitor to the computer. Connect the cables from the back of the monitor to the back of the computer. Connect the cables from the back of the computer to the back of the CCTV system. Turn on the monitor. Ensure the display works properly. Power on the computer. Use the computer to set the time and date. Connect the power from the CCTV system to a power supply. Power on the CCTV system. Test the cameras on the system.

If you want to get a security system that is as easy to use as it is effective for your home or business, then you really have to consider CCTV installation. This installation feature has to be the easiest to use, and yet offer the highest level of security.

When you want to get the best out of your lives, then you need to visit our website and check out our services. We are here to help you get the best out of your life.

CCTV Camera Network Wire Installation Guide

Since installing a CCTV camera network wire is quite technical, you will need to hire a professional to do the job for you. Because professionals have so much experience, they will be able to do the job much faster than someone who has no experience.

First of all, before you install the CCTV Camera Network Wire Guide, you have to decide where you want to install the CCTV Camera network wire. Keep in mind that the network wire can’t be installed inside the walls or ceilings. The network wire should be placed in a well-ventilated area.

This guide will help you install your CCTV camera network wire. Please read through this guide carefully to ensure that you have the proper wire to complete your installation.

CCTV Service Provider Near Me

Nabihait.com provide the best price for CCTV Camera, IP Camera in Bangladesh. We have secured the best price for best quality camera with expert technicians.

CCTV Camera Providers Near Me

Nabiha Infotech provides IP camera & CCTV camera services in Bangladesh. IP camera, CCTV camera and DVR can be purchased at reasonable prices. We keep an eye on your business.

How to select a CCTV Camera for your needs

Buying a CCTV Camera is not a simple task as there are many varieties of CCTV cameras available in the market. One of the most important factors that you have to consider is that the CCTV Camera you buy should be compatible with your needs and requirements. Before settling for a CCTV Camera, first of all, you have to understand the need of the CCTV Camera. Secondly, you have to check the features and specifications of the CCTV Camera.

There has been an increase in the number of CCTV cameras installed in our houses these days, especially in the light of the recent terrorist attacks. As a result, there is a need to choose a CCTV camera that suits your needs. The following are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a CCTV camera.

Here are some guidelines to selecting the best CCTV camera for your needs:

  1. Determine how many cameras you need to cover your property. This will help you determine if you need either a single camera or multiple cameras.
  2. Consider the image quality you want. If you are looking for high-quality images, then choose a camera with higher resolutions.
  3. Determine if you want a fixed camera or a rotating one. Rotating cameras are generally more expensive but offer more flexibility than fixed cameras.
  4. Consider the cost of the camera.  Some cameras are cheaper than others.
  5. Determine if you want a wired or wireless camera. Wired cameras are generally more secure than wireless cameras.

Where to purchase a CCTV camera from in Bangladesh

Nabiha Infotech is the best place for purchase a CCTV Camera from in Bangladesh.

CCTV cameras are a household necessity for keeping an eye on your property, and the market is flooded with cheap Chinese models. To find out which ones are best for your circumstances, you can read through our reviews here.

The Internet has brought a tremendous amount of convenience to our lives; however, it is also capable of providing a wide range of dangers. This article will provide you with the tips of where to purchase a CCTV camera from in Bangladesh.


CCTV Camera Cable Price In Bangladesh

CCTV Camera Cable Price is Starts from 25 Taka Per Meter

CCTV Supplier in Bangladesh

Nabiha Infotech is the best CCTV Camera Supplier in Bangladesh.

Which CCTV Camera Is Best For Night Vision?

  • Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRP/F
  • Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IRP/F
  • Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT3F / IT5F

Which CCTV Camera Is Best In Bangladesh?

  • Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRP/F
  • Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IRP/F
  • Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT3F / IT5F

Do CCTV Cameras Have Night Vision?

Yes, now a days all model CCTV camera with Night vision facility.

How Do I Fix Night Vision On My CCTV Camera?

For fix night vision, at first check the IR light of the camera. Then contact with service & repair engineer for fix it.

What Is The Price Of CCTV Camera In Bangladesh?

The price of CCTV Camera starts from 1200 taka to standard model 2500 & IP Camera price is 3000 taka to 15000 taka

What Is The Price Of CCTV Camera?

The standard model CCTV Camera price is 2500 Taka to 5500 Taka.

Which Type Of CCTV Camera Is Best?

Bullet & Dome type cctv camera is best for indoor & outdoor use.

How Far Can A CCTV Camera See?

CCTV range depends on its Lens & IR Range. Standard model we can see 15 to 30 Meter clearly.

How Good Is CCTV At Night?

CCTV Camera is clear even on Dark Night. Now a days also available day & Night all time color security camera.

CCTV Camera Monitor Price In Bangladesh

Cctv camera monitor price is stars from 3500 taka standard model 18.5 inch monitor is 6,800 taka.

WIFI Cc Camera Price In Bangladesh

Wifi cc camera price starts from 1500 taka & Standard model price starts from 3200 taka.

10 Best CCTV Cameras For Home And Office In Dhaka, Bangladesh

  1. Hikvision DS-2CD1223G0E-I = 3,500 Taka
  2. Hikviosion DS-2CD1323G0E-I = 3,500 Taka
  3. Hikvision DS-2CD2T43G0-I5 = 11,500 Taka
  4. Hikvision DS-2CD2043G0-I = 6,850 Taka
  5. Hikvision DS-2CD2143G0-I = 6,850 Taka
  6. Dahua HFW2431TP = 14,500 Taka
  7. Dahua DH-IPC-B1B20P = 3,500 Taka
  8. Dahua DH-IPC-T1B20-L = 3,500 Taka
  9. Dahua DH-IPC-B1B40 = 5,500 Taka
  10. Dahua DH-IPC-T1B40 = 5,500 Taka

CCTV Package With Installation

CCTV camera package with installation price starts from 15000 taka to standard package 25000 taka for 4pcs camera package.

Security Cameras Price In Bangladesh

Security camera price is 1800 taka to depends on model & spec.

CCTV Camera Full Set Price In Bangladesh

Cctv camera full set price is starts from 15000 taka

CC Camera Supplier In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nabiha Infotech is the best CC Camera Supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

CCTV camera installation cost

Here’s another Rough Estimate of What One Might Expect to Pay for the Installation of Commercial Security Cameras: Installation Costs for a Small Facility: 12,000 to 15,000 taka. Installation Costs for a Medium Facility: 35,000 to 45,000 Taka Installation Costs at a Larger Facility: 1,90,000 to 2,30,000 taka

Night Vision CCTV camera price in Bangladesh

1500 taka to 3500 taka in Bangladesh local market.

CCTV camera installation cost in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Per cctv camera installation charge is 500 to 800 taka depends on project size & quantity of cameras.

Convex Mirror in Bangladesh

A convex mirror is a type of mirror that has a concave shape on the inside and a convex shape on the outside. It is used to see in both directions. A road side convex mirror is used to see in both directions. A recent study found that using a convex mirror on the side of a vehicle can help improve road safety. The mirror is specifically designed to reduce the visibility of drivers and other vehicles nearby. It also helps drivers see more clearly in front of them, which allows them to make better decisions about their route and speed.

Mirrors with curvature are used to deter theft and eliminate the dangers of blind spots and hazardous intersections. If they’re used properly, you could obtain a better view of removed areas in your company, on the intersection of your driveway and the road, or in the path of a busy warehouse.

Mirrors can be mounted to help regulate traffic accidents near the exits of your store. If they’re set up appropriately, you can use them to assess blind spots and dangerous intersections.

Parking Mirrors Convex are used to help catch suspicious individuals who are stealing from businesses and to minimize the risk of blind spot and possible road spots. They’re able to be used more effectively if you are aware how to use your vehicle parking mirrors appropriately.

Latest Best Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh


Mirror Details

Latest Price


Convex Mirror 60CM



80CM Convex Mirror



100CM 40-inch Convex Mirror


Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) in Bangladesh

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a system that can be employed to prevent shoplifting. If you’ve ever been to a store and heard an alarm while somebody was leaving, you’ve seen EAS in action. EAS is designed to detect items that are not paid for as they leave the store. The two components of the system involve EAS antennas and EAS tags.

EAS antennas, sometimes called pedestals, are frequently installed at the entrance to retail stores. EAS tokens and labels, on the other hand, are attached to the goods to be protected. EAS antennas send and receive signals at a specific frequency, usually within a range of six to 8 feet. When an EAS token or label passes between the antennas, it is detected and the retail alarm is triggered.

Three Types of EAS Systems

Radio Frequency (RF) Systems

RF systems work by installing an antenna at the store entrance/exit which creates a narrow, low-frequency, electro-magnetic radio field around itself. When a tag or label enters this field, it causes the antenna to alarm. The systems are offered in a variety of frequencies in the RF spectrum with 8.2MHz being the most popular. Other frequencies are 1.81, 1.95, 2.0, 3.25 and 4.7.

RF EAS Systems are most commonly used by retailers and tend to be the least expensive. Works well for apparel, shoes, sporting goods, liquor and housewares.

Acoustic Magnetic (AM) Systems

AM EAS works similar to the RF EAS System, but when the tag or label enters the field, it vibrates. It is this vibration which generates a signal that is picked up by the antenna. AM systems use a 58KHz frequency and are a nice option in environments that have a lot of radio noise from other sources.

AM EAS Systems work well for consumer electronic, home improvement, grocery and pharmaceuticals.

Electro Magnetic (EM) Systems

EM EAS System also works in a manner similar to the RF EAS System, but uses a different part of the electro-magnetic spectrum to communicate. The transmitting antenna sends a signal at a specific frequency and the receiving antenna waits and listens for a tag of specific frequency to enter the range of detection. If an active tag comes into the range of detection, it sends a signal to the receiving antenna which identifies a different frequency and sounds the alarm.

EM EAS Systems are the preferred choice of vendors of books and art supplies as the EM labels long and narrow – they are slightly larger than the width of a human hair and attach inconspicuously to the merchandised item. They can be deactivated and reactivated again which works well for checking out book and then checking them back in again.

Nabiha Infotech offers all three types of EAS security systems from various manufacturers, in different price ranges, and with many different feature sets. We would be pleased to review your merchandising approach and your store layout with you and give our recommendation of which system will work best for your store.

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