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A convex mirror is a product that you can install in your home to help with your everyday tasks. It helps by providing a clear view of what is behind it, which also includes objects that are hidden from sight. The reflection on the glass will be clearer than if you were to use a flat mirror because there are no distortions caused by gravity or light. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common type of convex mirrors have 24/32/39 inch size available for purchase. There are other types of mirrors as well such as parking mirrors and vanity mirrors; however they do not provide an exact image like a convex mirror does (such as reflections).

Road accidents are very common in Bangladesh. The most common way for these accidents is that the driver falls asleep while driving or something distracts him and he doesn’t notice that there’s a car coming from the other side of the road. But what if we have a solution to prevent such incidents? That would be great!

The convex mirror, which is usually found on highways in America, can reduce collisions with cars by up to 75%. This mirrors has an angle of 180 degrees so it will show you everything around you including your own car. This invention could help people feel more safe while they drive their vehicles on Indian roads because not only does it give them visibility but also reduces collision rates significantly as well.

The convex mirror is a type of mirror that is used to help the driver see objects in their blind spot. The use of this device can help prevent accidents and injuries on highways, by giving drivers an extra set of eyes.
The convex mirror has been around since at least 1837, when it was patented by James Barnett Ayrton. They are most often found in highway road side areas where they provide vision for drivers who might not be able to see smaller cars or cyclists because they are so high up off the ground. One downside is that these mirrors distort images slightly making things farther away look closer than they actually are – as well as making them appear larger and closer to the center of the viewfinder than they really are.

Parking Mirror Price in BD

Some people might not know that convex mirror is used for protect drivers from road accident. The most popular use of convex mirror is in the highway, where this type of mirror can be seen on both sides of the highway to help drivers see what’s going on behind them. In addition, it also helps with blind spots and reduce accidents caused by cars changing lanes without looking first. This blog post will discuss how this type of mirror works and why its important for use in the highway.

24 inch Convex Mirror

It’s no secret that theft, injury and accidents can happen in every situation—whether it’s your front door, street corner or parking lot. Our 24 inch Convex Curved Security Mirror eliminates blind spots to offer the wide-angle view you need to protect yourself and those around you. Made of durable PC plastic and designed for convenient installation on any surface, these versatile mirrors also improve visibility on architectural features such as garages, driveways or sidewalks. Suitable for a variety of applications from street corner safety to warehouse security, refresh your place with a little helpful protection today!

Convex Mirror Supplier in Bangladesh

32 inch Convex Curved Security Mirror

With a very large 32″ diameter, this convex curved security mirror will give you an all-around view of what’s happening around your home. This mirror can be mounted on the wall or in any desired direction for ultimate visibility and safety. The durable plastic is lightweight and shatterproof so there won’t be worry about it being broken by mishandling. It’s also easy to install into pre-drilled holes as needed making setup quick and efficient!

Convex Mirror Supplier in Bangladesh, Traffic Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Convex Mirror Supplier in Bangladesh

39-inch Parking Lot Security Mirror

This 39 inch Convex Security Mirror is perfect for use as a retail security convex mirror and as an industrial safety concave safeguard. This adjustable mirror allows you to view products that are behind walls, shelves, corners, alleys or hill’s blind spot with easy tilt-and-swivel access in any direction. They’re also great for indoors where they can be placed wherever goods are concealed from the public such as behind doors and partitions forcing employees to show their faces when coming out of private areas at work.

39 inches of retail security convex mirror! Outdoor use is not a problem with this stylish, high-quality security mirror. The ACM back reflects even more light for an optimal line of sight and safety doesn’t have to be sacrificed when it comes to great design!

This 39 inch Convex Mirror can be used indoors or outdoors and can be adjusted to any angle to allow an optimal line of sight. As a retail security convex mirror, it can be positioned wherever goods are concealed from view by shelves and partitions, around corners, aisles and corridors. The bamboo frame makes this outdoor mirrored product look stylish while remaining durable enough for winds because the simple construction means there are fewer screw holes in the aluminum composite material body.

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Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Convex Mirror Price Starts from 11,000 Taka

There are a few places where you can buy it, but you need to find out the size and the type of mirror. You should first figure out if you want a 24 inch, 32 inch or 39 inch convex mirror before anything else. A 24-inch one will cost around 11,000 taka, while a 32-inch is priced at 17,500 taka. Where can I get these items locally? The answer lies in TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA Online store or Corporate Office that has an inventory for such devices.

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