Burglar Alarm System Price in Bangladesh

The price of a burglar alarm system Price in Bangladesh can vary depending on various factors such as the type of system, brand, features, and installation costs. Generally, a basic burglar alarm system & Security alarm in Bangladesh can cost between BDT 10,000 to BDT 25,000. This may include a control panel, sensors, sirens, and a few basic features. However, if you want a more advanced system with additional features such as remote monitoring, smartphone connectivity, motion detection cameras, and more sensors, the price can go up to BDT 50,000 or more. 

Why burglar alarms are required for both homes and businesses is easily understood. Simply said, a swift response is essential during break-ins, and burglar alarms assist local residents in doing so by immediately alerting them to a security breach. Understanding the essentials of a burglar alarm system, including what they are, what they do, and most crucially, how they work, is therefore essential.

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What is Burglar Alarm System?

A burglar alarm is a security system that is designed to detect unauthorized entry or intrusion into a building or property. Burglar alarms can be wired or wireless and can vary in complexity and features depending on the needs of the user. They can include sensors that detect motion, windows and door contacts that are triggered when a door or window is opened, and glass break sensors that detect the sound of breaking glass. When the sensors detect an intruder, they send a signal to the control panel, which then activates an audible alarm or sends a notification to a monitoring center or the owner’s smartphone or computer. In addition to deterring burglars, a burglar alarm system can provide peace of mind and protection for the occupants of a property.

How does a Burglar Alarm work?

Burglar Alarm System Price in Bangladesh 2023

Burglar Alarm System Price in Bangladesh 2023

A burglar alarm is an electronic device that is designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. When triggered, it emits a loud sound or alerts a monitoring service that can contact the police or other emergency services. The basic components of a burglar alarm system include:

Sensors: These are devices that detect unauthorized entry or movement. Common types of sensors include door and window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors.

Control panel: This is the central component of the system that receives signals from the sensors and activates the alarm.

Siren: This is the loud noise that is emitted when the alarm is triggered. It is designed to alert occupants of the building and deter intruders.

Monitoring service: This is an optional component that can be added to a burglar alarm system. If the alarm is triggered, the monitoring service will be notified and can contact the police or other emergency services.

Alert: The alarm system produces an audible or visible signal, often a loud noise or flashing lights, to alert people in the area of the potential danger.

Response: Depending on the type of alarm system, the response can vary. In some cases, the monitoring service will contact the homeowner to verify if it’s a false alarm, and if not, the police will be dispatched to the location.

When a sensor detects unauthorized entry or movement, it sends a signal to the control panel. The control panel then activates the siren and/or contacts the monitoring service. The siren will continue to sound until the alarm is disarmed using a code or key. Some modern burglar alarm systems also include features such as remote access and control via a smartphone app, video monitoring, and integration with other smart home devices.

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems:

There are several types of burglar alarm systems available on the market, including:

Wired burglar alarm Systems: This type of alarm system uses wires to connect the sensors, control panel, and alarm sirens. It is a reliable and secure option, but installation can be more difficult and time-consuming.

Wireless burglar alarm Systems: Wireless alarms use radio frequencies to connect the sensors, control panel, and alarm sirens. They are easier to install than wired systems but may be less reliable due to potential interference with other wireless devices.

Hybrid Alarm Systems: Hybrid systems combine the features of both wired and wireless systems. They can be a good option for those who want the reliability of a wired system but also the flexibility of wireless devices.

Smart Home Alarm Systems: Smart home alarms connect to the internet and can be controlled using a smartphone app or voice commands. They can also integrate with other smart home devices such as cameras and door locks.

Monitored Alarm Systems: Monitored alarms are connected to a professional monitoring service that will notify the authorities if the alarm is triggered. This is a good option for those who want extra security and peace of mind.

Portable Alarm Systems: Portable alarms are small devices that can be attached to doors or windows and emit a loud alarm when they are opened or tampered with. They are a good option for those who want a simple and affordable way to secure their home or business.

Uses of Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is a security system designed to detect and alert people of potential intruders or unauthorized entry into a property. Some of the uses of a burglar alarm are: Security for Industrial areas such as offices and factories. Residential homes and garages.Commercial premises including shops, restaurants, and hotels. Safety & security for high-security areas such as banks, ATMs, lockers,etc.Safety of Storage and warehouse facilities.

Overall, a burglar alarm is a valuable security tool that can help protect property and provide peace of mind to property owners and occupants.

Advantages of Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm System are main advantages to Security and safety. Burglar alarm systems offer many benefits to homeowners and business owners including:

Office Employee protection,Deterrence, Protection, Peace of mind,Preventing Burglary, Protection against fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and floods, Emergency service, Watch your home remotely Lower insurance premiums, Remote monitoring, Fire protection. burglar alarm system is an effective way to protect your property and belongings, and provide peace of mind to homeowners and business owners a like. 

Burglar Alarm Special Advantages:

Burglar alarm systems have several special advantages beyond the benefits already mentioned, including:

Customization: Burglar alarm systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of your property. For example, you may want to include additional sensors or cameras in certain areas of your home or business to provide increased protection.

Integration with other systems: Burglar alarm systems can often be integrated with other security systems, such as access control or video surveillance systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution for your property.

Smart home integration: Many modern burglar alarm systems can be integrated with smart home technology, allowing you to control the alarm system from your smartphone or other devices. This can provide increased convenience and control over your home security.

Environmental monitoring: Some burglar alarm systems include sensors to monitor for environmental factors, such as temperature or humidity, which can help to prevent damage from events like floods or fires.

Panic buttons: Burglar alarm systems can include panic buttons or other emergency buttons that can be pressed in case of an emergency. These buttons can trigger an alarm or alert the authorities, providing an added layer of protection.

Overall, burglar alarm systems offer a range of advantages and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your property. Whether you are looking to protect your home or business, a burglar alarm system can provide peace of mind and added security.

What is the price of a Burglar Alarm in Bangladesh.

When looking for the best burglar alarm price, there are a few factors to consider:

Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a burglar alarm system.

Features: Look for a system that has the features you need, such as motion sensors, door and window sensors, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Brand: Consider the reputation of the brand, and read reviews to see how well the system has performed for others.

Installation: Determine if you can install the system yourself or if you will need professional installation.

Warranty: Look for a system that has a warranty to ensure that you are protected in case of defects or malfunctions.

Once you have considered these factors, you can then compare prices from different vendors to find the best burglar alarm price that meets your requirements.

Best Burglar alarm price list in Bangladesh

BrandProduct Name [BURGLAR ALARM & SECURITY ALARM]                  Latest Price 
KERUIW181 Burglar Security Alarm System Fire ProtectionCall for Price 2023
KERUIW214 4G GSM Burglar Security Alarm Kit PIR SensorCall for Price 2023
KERUIW210 Burglar Alarm System PIR Motion Sensor Alarm KitCall for Price 2023
KERUIBurglar Alarm Siren Kit Wireless System Motion SensorCall for Price 2023
KERUIHW10 Wireless PIR Sensor Burglar Alarm For WIFICall for Price 2023
KERUIP819 Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm SystemCall for Price 2023
KERUID025 Window Door Magnet Sensor Detector 5 units Call for Price 2023
KERUIMC7 Wireless Mini Door Magnetic Sensor Alarm 433 MhzCall for Price 2023
KERUIABT-100 Wireless Beam sensor Burglar AlarmCall for Price 2023

Before buying a burglar alarm, there are several things you should keep in mind:

Burglar Alarm System Price in Bangladesh 2023

Burglar Alarm System Price in Bangladesh 2023

Your security needs: Consider the level of security you need and what you want to protect. This will help you determine the type of burglar alarm system that is best suited for your needs.

Features: Look for a system with the features you need, such as motion sensors, door and window sensors, remote monitoring capabilities, and a loud alarm.

Brand or Vendor : Research the reputation of the brand, and read reviews to see how well the system has performed for others. A well-known and reliable brand will give you peace of mind and ensure that you get a quality product.

Installation: Determine if you can install the system yourself or if you will need professional installation. Some systems may require hardwiring, while others are wireless and can be easily installed.

Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a burglar alarm system. Prices can vary widely depending on the brand and features, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it.

Compatibility: Check if the system is compatible with other security devices you may have, such as CCTV cameras or smart locks.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a burglar alarm system that best suits your needs and provides the security and peace of mind you are looking for.

What are some common features of a burglar alarm system

A burglar alarm system typically consists of several components that work together to detect and alert you of a potential break-in. Here are some common features you might find in a burglar alarm system like Control panel, Sensors, Siren, Keypad, Remote access, Monitoring service.

What is the Burglar Alarm  System Product Price in Bangladesh 2023

Burglar Alarm System Price in Bangladesh 2023

Burglar Alarm System Price in Bangladesh 2023

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