Double checker

EAS Anti-theft alarm security system Price in Bangladesh

Double checker, EAS Tag Checker

The Sensormatic ScanMax
Pro Doublechecker is
designed to detect and
confirm the presence of active
Ultra•Max Electronic Article
Surveillance labels.
The Doublechecker can be
installed under conveyors,
under counters, or on counter
tops, either parallel or
perpendicular, as needed.
The unit can detect labels up
to 20 cm (8 in.) above the
surface of the pad at a
throughput speed of up to 254
cm/sec. (100 in./sec.).

Performance: The unit’s
performance height is designed
to provide fast, reliable

Audible and visual label
detection confirmation.
A remote module with key switch
provides visual and audible
notification of label detection.

ScanMax Pro Controller.
The controller can be mounted
either vertically, horizontally, or
upside down. The unit features
auto phasing capabilities to
help ensure optimal detection

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