Soft Tag (Sticker) RF 8.2Mhz for EAS

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  • Soft Tag in BD
  • Precise design
  • Chemical resistance
  • Smooth surface
  • RF 8.2Mhz Technology

Soft Tag in BD (Sticker) RF 8.2Mhz for EAS

Radio frequency technology self-adhesive soft alarms are designed to provide the highest level of anti-theft protection in all types of scenarios, with the thinnest thickness on the market. These labels are available in various sizes (40×40, 30×30 and 25x38mm). The presentation is in rolls of 1000 units (designed for manual labeling) and 2000u for automatic application at the point of manufacture / distribution. Its colors can be white, black or barcode. 

Size27 x 49mm
Packaging TypeRolls
Frequency8.2 MHz
Detection Range0.9 m-1.0 m
  • Easy to apply, both manually and automatically
  • Allow Source Labeling
  • Made of resistant material
  • Technical specifications:
  • Label Size 40mm x 40mm
  • Thickness: 0.23mm
  • Frequency: 8.2MHz (+ -4%)
  • Deactivation sensitivity 0.3A / m – 1.5A / m
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Soft Tag in BD

Soft Tag (Sticker) RF 8.2Mhz for EAS

৳ 4.00

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