Ahuja UB-30 25~30 WATTS PA Mixer Amplifier Price in Bangladesh

৳ 9,000.00

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  • Latest Price: ৳ 9,000.00
  • 2 Mic & 1 Aux Input.
  • Cut type tone control.
  • 2 POWER SOURCE amplifier: AC mains and 12V DC (Car Battery).
  • Provision of automatic changeover from AC to Battery operation ensuring continuity of program.
  • Protection against wrong battery polarity.


AHUJA RADIOS is today India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Public Address Equipment. Established in 1940, in last 7 decades we have been able to cement AHUJA as the most trusted brand in sound reinforcement industry by introducing reliable products through continuous research & development.

The Ahuja UB-30 25W PA Mixer Amplifier is a compact, versatile, and powerful public address system that is ideal for a variety of applications. It features a built-in mixer with multiple input channels, which makes it suitable for use with a variety of audio sources such as microphones, musical instruments, and CD/MP3 players. With a power output of 25 watts RMS, it can provide ample volume to reach large audiences in small to medium-sized rooms. Other features of the Ahuja UB-30 include tone controls, echo/reverb effects, and protection against short-circuits and overheating.

Nabihait has an available Ahuja UB-30 25 WATTS LOW WATTAGE PA MIXER AMPLIFIER of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. Nabihait is a Bangladesh-based supplier of Ahuja Any Model PA MIXER AMPLIFIER. The company offers a variety of goods, such as access control systems, Surveillance cameras, and EAS Security Alarm System IP Cameras. Trimatrik Multimedia has been in business Since 2009 and has a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka, Uttara). We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. The best pricing can be guaranteed for complete setup and post-purchase assistance. To know more details visit our website please Contact us at our Facebook Page or 01407-555777, 01408-555777

Ahuja UB-30 Price in Bangladesh

Ahuja UB-30 Price in Bangladesh

Ahuja Radios has always been the pioneer in the field of Public Address Systems in India and has invariably been at the forefront in leading the PA industry through changing times. Owing to this pro-active approach AHUJA today has become the preferred option for applications like announcements at public places, sound reinforcement at auditoriums / conference halls, seamless counter communication, crowd control etc. Installations of Ahuja products at prestigious locations like Formula 1 Race Track at G. Noida, Delhi Metro Stations, Educational Institutions of repute like IIT’s / IIM’s, numerous Malls / Large Format Retail Outlets and various Government Establishments across the country are apt testimonials of that.

Ahuja UB-30 specification:

Power Output30W RMS Max., 25W RMS at 10% THD
Input Channels2 × Mic 1.0mV / 4.7kΩ, 1 × Aux 100mV / 470kΩ
Frequency Response150-10,000Hz ±3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio60dB
Tone Controls-10dB at 10kHz
Speaker Outputs4Ω, 8Ω  & 16Ω & 100V
Power SupplyAC: 220-240V 50/60Hz, DC: 12V (Car Battery)
Power ConsumptionAC: 80VA DC: 1.2A
DimensionsW180 × H80 × D260 mm

0010488 UB 30 BV

Ahuja UB-30 Price in Bangladesh May, 2024

Latest Price:৳ 9,000.00
Price:৳ 9,000.00
Contact No:+88 01407-555777
Hotline:+88 01408-555777


## Latest Ahuja Any model check price in Bangladesh- 2023

Ahuja UB-30M Amplifier Price in Bangladesh 2023

Nabiha Infotech offers you the Ahuja UB-30M Amplifier at a low Price in Dhaka-Bangladesh. The latest price of Ahuja UB-30M is ৳ 9,000.00 Taka only. You can order to our Website or Facebook Page or visit our Office. For more information Please Call: 01407-555777, 01408-555777


Is Ahuja UB-30M Importer and Supplier in Bangladesh is Nabiha Infotech?

Yes, that’s correct. Nabiha Infotech is one of the importers and suppliers of the Ahuja UB-30 PA Mixer Amplifier in Bangladesh. They offer a wide range of audio and video equipment, and they are known for their quality products and excellent customer service. If you’re in Bangladesh and in need of a PA system, you may want to consider contacting Nabiha Infotech for the Ahuja UB-30 or for other audio and video solutions that they offer.

What is the Ahuja UB-30M Amplifier Price in Bangladesh?

The prices for the Ahuja UB-30 PA Mixer Amplifier may change over time, and it’s best to contact Nabiha Infotech directly for the latest pricing information. They can also answer any questions you may have about the product and help you place an order. You can reach them at the phone numbers provided above: 01407-555777, 01408-555777. Ahuja UB-30M Price maybe ৳ 9,000.00

What is PA Mixer Amplifier?

A PA (Public Address) Mixer Amplifier is a type of audio device that is used to amplify and distribute sound in public places such as schools, churches, conference rooms, and outdoor events. It typically consists of a mixer and an amplifier integrated into one unit, which makes it easy to mix multiple audio sources, adjust the sound levels, and distribute the sound to speakers.

A PA Mixer Amplifier is often used in conjunction with microphones, musical instruments, and other audio sources. The mixer section of the device allows you to adjust the levels of each source and control other sound parameters such as tone, reverb, and echo. The amplifier section then takes the mixed audio and amplifies it to a level that is suitable for the audience and the speakers.

PA Mixer Amplifiers are available in a variety of sizes and power outputs to suit different applications, ranging from small systems for indoor use to large, outdoor systems with multiple speakers.

Q&A: Customer Questions & Answers:

Question: Can i use it for guitar amplifier?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can i use it with my electric guitar?
Answer: yes

Question: Does it works by Bluetooth?
Answer: No, You have to attach a Bluetooth device for it

Question: Is it suitable for 6-inches 4 ceiling speakers of Ahuja company?
Answer: if your ceiling speaker have 6Watt then it is suitable.

Question: Does it work with 4pcs 6watt celing speaker and tv input?
Answer: yes, it works

Question: Can it works with TOA speakers?
Answer: yes

Question: How much watts speaker can i use with this amplifier?
Answer: Above 25-30 watts of speaker can be use.

Question: Can i use it for my Restaurant amplifier?
Answer: Yes, Above 25-30s watt of speaker can be use.

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Ahuja UB-30 Price in Bangladesh

Ahuja UB-30 25~30 WATTS PA Mixer Amplifier Price in Bangladesh

৳ 9,000.00

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