TOA TS-780 Central Unit for Conference System

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The TS-780 is a Central unit for TOA Conference system. Use of its line connection terminals permits connections to the conference units of TS-781 and TS-782, making up a conference system. The TS-780 is equipped with a MP3 recorder that permits conference contents to be recorded on a SD card. Up to 3 Central units can be connected. With the use of an optional rack mounting bracket, it can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (2 unit size).

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TOA TS-780 Central Unit for Conference System in Bangladesh

The TOA TS-780 Central Unit is another powerhouse solution for wired conference systems, offering a feature set that expands upon the capabilities of the TS-690. Here’s a breakdown of its key features, with visual enhancements for better understanding:

Core Functionality:

  • Up to 192 Conference Units: Compared to the TS-690’s 24 unit limit, the TS-780 can connect and manage a significantly larger conference setup, making it ideal for large auditoriums, convention centers, and other expansive venues.
  • Modular Scalability: Achieve the desired system size by connecting up to 3 TS-780 Central Units, allowing for flexible adaptation to different conference room sizes and participant numbers.
  • Priority Control: Similar to the TS-690, the TS-780 ensures smooth meeting conduct by prioritizing chairman’s speeches over delegate units.
  • Microphone Mixing: Delivers clear and balanced audio throughout the conference space by mixing audio from active microphones.
  • Recording Output: Capture the entire conference session for future reference or documentation.

Connectivity and Flexibility:

  • Line Connection Terminals: Connects with TOA’s conference units, including the TS-781 delegate unit and TS-782 wireless delegate unit, offering diverse configuration options.
  • External Input: Similar to the TS-690, the TS-780 allows you to connect external audio sources like MP3 players or guest speaker microphones.
  • Recording Output: Connect a recording device to capture the entire conference proceedings for future reference.
  • Rack Mountable: Like the TS-690, the TS-780 can be mounted in a standard 19-inch equipment rack for professional installations.

Additional Features:

  • Built-in Power Supply: Powers connected conference units, eliminating the need for individual power adapters.
  • LED Indicators: Monitor system status, microphone activity, and priority functions through clear LED indicators.
  • MP3 Recorder: A unique feature compared to the TS-690, the TS-780 comes equipped with an MP3 recorder, allowing you to directly record conference sessions onto an SD card or USB flash drive.
  • Speaker Restriction: Set the number of simultaneously usable TS-782 wireless delegate units for optimal audio management in large conferences.

The TOA TS-780 Central Unit delivers an advanced and scalable solution for managing wired conference systems in demanding environments. Its robust capabilities, extensive connection options, and unique features like the built-in MP3 recorder make it a versatile choice for various conference needs.

I hope this comprehensive overview, aided by visuals, helps you understand the strengths and applications of the TOA TS-780 Central Unit. Please feel free to ask any further questions you might have!

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TOA TS-780 Central Unit for Conference System in Bangladesh

TOA TS-780 Central Unit for Conference System

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