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RF Tag Tester

EAS RF Security Handheld Detector EAS Anti-theft Tester EAS Handheld Detector Tester For 8.2MHz RF Tags & Labels

RF Tag Tester | RF Tag Reader

Hand-held detector is a non-contact detection device. It can form a 15cm detection area around the detector. In this area, various anti-theft labels can be detected and accompanied by sound prompts. Security personnel use hand-held detectors politely to check suspected customers with unpaid merchandise in the alarm door, which can avoid the occurrence of impolite acts such as uneven quality of security personnel, rude attitude towards suspected customers, contact with body searches, etc. to ensure the interests of shopping malls and maintain the public image of shopping malls. RF Tag Tester BD


  • Product Name: Hand-held Detector
  • Frequency range: 8.2MHZ
  • Detection distance: 100 – 150 mm.
  • Power supply mode: 9V alkaline battery.
  • Under-voltage indication: When the battery is below 7.56V, the under-voltage red light flashes (but it can work normally).
  • Technological process: DSP digital processing chip, SMT technology assembly, carbon-accumulating shell
    Appearance size: 200 mm * 90 mm * 30 mm.
  • Equipment weight: 0.1kg


  • The security inspector checks the goods with the anti-theft tag attached;
  • Anti-theft label production factory label inspection;
  • The position of the supermarket tally to place the anti-theft tag and the detection of the nature of the protected goods.


This machine is a non-mandatory tester. It must be approved by the subject before use. It is necessary to use other detection doors and decoders that are working, otherwise it will produce self-sounding.

RF Tag Tester | RF Tag Reader

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RF Tag Tester | RF Tag Reader

RF Tag Tester | RF Tag Reader

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