KERUI Alarm Siren Kit Wireless System Motion Sensor

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  • Base Station
  • Keypad
  • 2 Contact Sensors
  • 2 Motion Detectors
  • Range Extender
  • Outdoor Siren
  • Easiest design! Easiest setting! Easiest control!
  • With least money, get the most functional, qualified and convenient alarm system!
  • No need GSM SIM card! No need telephone line!
  • Emergency Function! Power off memory Function!


Hotline: 01407-555777 | 01408-555777

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KERUI Alarm Siren Kit Wireless System Motion Sensor in Bangladesh

KERUI Alarm System Wireless Siren Kit with Motion Sensor is a home security system that provides an easy-to-install, wireless alarm system with a siren and a motion sensor. The kit includes a control panel, a wireless siren, a PIR motion sensor, two remote controls, and various accessories, such as door and window sensors.

The wireless siren emits a loud sound when triggered, which is designed to deter intruders and alert homeowners of potential break-ins. The PIR motion sensor is used to detect movement within a specific area, and the control panel can be used to arm and disarm the system.

The system is easy to install and can be set up without the need for professional installation. The wireless nature of the system means that there are no wires to worry about, and it can be easily expanded with additional sensors and accessories if required.

Overall, the KERUI Alarm System Wireless Siren Kit with Motion Sensor is a reliable and affordable option for homeowners looking to enhance their home security.

KERUI Alarm Siren Kit, in Bangladesh

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How does this siren alarm system protect your house?

1.Press arm key on the remote controller.and then the siren will at work to protect your house.

2.When the door sensors ,PIR sensors,curtain detector or other sensor be triggered,this siren will sound

3.You can control disarm by remote controller.otherwise it will keeps sounding about 2 minutes then stops itself if no one disarms it.

KERUI Alarm Siren Kit Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Item:Burglar Alarm/ GSM Alarm
Contact No:+88 01407-555777
Hotline:+88 01408-555777

What is the price of KERUI Alarm Siren Kit in Bangladesh?

The latest price of the KERUI Standalone Security Alarm System Wireless Siren Motion Sensor Local Alarm Siren Horn With up to 100db Alarm Kit in Bangladesh is . You can buy the KERUI Alarm Siren Kit at the best price from our website or visit any of our offices.

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KERUI Alarm System Wireless Siren Kit Motion Sensor in Bangladesh

KERUI Alarm Siren Kit Wireless System Motion Sensor

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