• AM Hard Tag 58KHz

    AM Hard Tag

    This hard tag features a highly sensitive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inlay for item-level visibility and inventory management and an AM EAS element for asset protection. The RFID component stores information specific to the protected merchandise for item-level and near real-time merchandise visibility. Source Tagging is available so retailers can receive floor-ready merchandise with consistent tag placement—expediting receiving and selling floor fulfillment.

    // Enables near real-time merchandise visibility

    // RFID element offers an efficient way to track inventory, while the AM EAS element provides product protection

    // Tagging at the point of manufacturing (Source Tagging) helps improve tag compliance and ensures consistent application

    // Source Tagged merchandise arrives floor-ready, enabling faster speed to sales floor

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    AM Hard Tag 58KHz

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  • EAS Gate RF 8.2Mhz

    • EAS Gate
    • Frequency: 8.2MHZ
    • Working voltage: 220V AC(50Hz)
    • Working environment: – 20℃ ~ 45℃
    • Dimension: 1540×340×90mm
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Weight: 13kg
    • Packing details: 1605×420×19mm
    • Warranty: One Year
    ৳ 42,000.00

    EAS Gate RF 8.2Mhz

    ৳ 42,000.00
  • Soft Tag (Sticker) RF 8.2Mhz for EAS

    • Soft Tag in BD
    • Precise design
    • Chemical resistance
    • Smooth surface
    • RF 8.2Mhz Technology
    ৳ 4.00
  • Soft Tag (Swing) RF 8.2Mhz For EAS


    Soft Tag (Swing)

    • Anti theft Security Tag For Clothing
    • 8.2Mhz
    • RF Technology Tag
    • Custimized Size for Bulk Order
    • Negotiable Pricing
    ৳ 4.00
  • RF Hard Tag 8.2KHz

    RF Hard Tag

    • Frequency: 8.2khz
    • Material: plastic
    • Dimension: 53*45mm
    • Color: Black/white/grey
    • Detection range:1.1-1.7m
    • Lock: three balls clutch, Super
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    RF Hard Tag 8.2KHz

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  • RF Security Tag Detacher

    RF Security tag Detacher, Rf Hard tag remover 

    • Detacher (for hard tags)
    • Compatible with most RF tags
    • Lock for advanced security
    • Durable, easy to use
    ৳ 7,500.00

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