• ITC VA-6200MS Voice Alarm Evacuation System expansion Controller, 500W, can support 8 zones


    ITC VA-6200MS In Bangladesh

    * Built-in 500W amplifier, with 8 zones and A+B independent dual speaker loop output, each zone has independent LED indicator light, output control button and volume adjustment.

    * Audio processing with 6 general audio inputs, it can connect with external microphone, CD player, tuner and etc, it can play any audio source in any zone.

    * Connecting with one backup amplifier, when built-in amplifier damaged, it will switch to backup

    amplifier automatically.

    * Automatically monitor every zone speaker loop status in real-time

    * There are 8 channels trigger input/output ports, which can trigger the pre-edited voice message to the specified zones or (trigger) the relative external power supply to realize timely warning for the relative incident. * Extension port can connect controller and next extension device.

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